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What is FamilyLink™?

FamilyLink™ is a communications tool that allows you to reach loved ones and friends with important news and information. Quickly and
inexpensively from any telephone. Whether you are in a crisis situation at a hospital or you just want to remind everyone about the date of
the family reunion, FamilyLink™ is the solution. One brief phone call lets you record a voice message and immediately send it to all of the
important people in your life.

Reach up to 30 family members and friends with just one phone call. The cost is just $4.95 per day for unlimited
use, charged to the credit card of your choice. Edit your list as often as you like to customize it for different situations. Calculate the time it takes
you to call let alone stay on the phone for 20 minutes with even 10 family members and you'll see the value of FamilyLink™.

Open your FamilyLink™ account today. Use it whenever you need to share information quickly and easily.