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Home and Business Uses

You are welcome to use FamilyLinkâ„¢ at home or work before, during or after your hospital stay. FamilyLinkâ„¢ is an ideal way to share time-sensitive information
with many people at once.

Common uses:
  • Post-hospital recovery updates
  • Meeting announcements
  • Sports team practice times or schedule changes
  • Party or reunion invitations
  • Job changes
  • Address changes
  • Work schedule changes
  • Sharing family news
  • Many more
Using FamilyLinkâ„¢ at home is just like using it at the hospital. Use the same toll-free number to record and send messages. You'll be billed $4.95 per day for
unlimited usage, the same as the in-hospital fee.  

There are many great uses for FamilyLinkâ„¢ . Please be sure to let your friends, family and co-workers know about this innovative service.