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What others are saying...

Dear Fran, (Patient Advocate - Akron General Medical Center)

"I wanted to let you know my thoughts about the FamilyLink service here at Akron General. My husband was in a serious vehicle accident
two weeks ago and has been in Surgical Intensive Care ever since. We have two young children and are blessed with an incredible support
system of loving family and friends. I have been staying at the hospital day and night and just yesterday was able to leave for the first time.

We have been using FamilyLink for two weeks now and I cannot begin to tell you what an incredible help it has been. We have almost thirty people
who are getting daily updates and everyone has been telling us how wonderful it has been for to be able to get information without having to call
and bother the nurses or call and try to catch me (either my cell phone, which is turned off here in the hospital or in the waiting room).

We are from the Cleveland area so the fact that we can keep everyone informed without having to worry about phone cards or long distance bills has
been incredibly valuable to me and our family. I can't imagine how I would be able to keep all of our family and friends up-to-date without this
service -- that would only add another level of 'stress' to an already difficult situation. This service takes care of all of that for me so I can concentrate my
energy on my husband and taking care of the kids.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the things that you do to make things easier for families and your patients. I am so grateful for this hospital."


Olmstead Falls, OH