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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FamilyLink™ cost?
FamilyLink™ costs just $4.95 for unlimited use on the days that you use it. There are no additional fees or long distance charges.

Can I change the phone numbers in my call list?
Yes, access your account online or call FamilyLink™ at (866)354-6500 toll-free and follow the easy prompts to add or delete numbers.

What if someone on my call list is not home?
If there's no answer at one of your call list numbers, your message will be recorded on voice mail or an answering machine. When
there's no answering machine or voice mail, FamilyLink™ will redial the number each hour for up to 3 hours.

What will my voice message sound like?
Our technology ensures clear recording and playback of your message. If you want to hear for yourself, a fast, free demo is available
at (866)354-6500 toll-free.

Is FamilyLink™ only for use at the hospital?
No. You are welcome to continue using FamilyLink™ after leaving the hospital. It's an easy way to share recovery updates, announcements,
reunion or party invitations, even soccer schedule updates. Continue to use the service at home using the same access number, (866)354-6500 toll-free.
The same $4.95 pricing plan applies.

Can I send messages to any phone number?
You can send a voice message to any number in the US and Canada including cell phones. However, if you choose a work number, remember that it
must be a direct line to the party you wish to reach. Calls that must go through a receptionist or be forwarded to a specific extension will not reach the
desired party. You can not put toll free numbers into your call list.

Someone on my call list is not getting my messages, what should I do?
First, log in and check to be sure that the phone number in your call list is correct for that person. If the number is correct, ask the person if that line is a
direct line or if you have to enter an extension to complete the call. (See item above.) Ask if they are using a residential call blocking or call privacy manager
service. If they are, they need to program their device to accept calls from phone number 1-800-846-4780 which is the caller ID that goes out with each of your calls.

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