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Benefits of FamilyLink™

One Clear Message
Record a single voice message for up to 30 recipients, so everyone gets the same clear and specific information. You can listen to your message
and re-record it to ensure it is complete and accurate.

Efficient time use
Limit your time on the phone and reach a lot of people quickly. In a hospital situation you can quickly get your message to everyone waiting for
news and it frees your time to make longer calls to your closest relatives and friends.

Immediate contact
Unlike an e-mail message that may go unread for days, your voice message is transmitted immediately. For people who are hard to reach, you
can send the message to home, work and cell numbers so they're sure to receive it.

Easy updates
Use FamilyLink™ as often as you like to share changes in condition, surgery results and other news. A new voice message can be recorded
and sent to your call list in just a matter of minutes.

Low Cost
With FamilyLink™, your cost is just $4.95 per day on the days you use it, including all long distance charges and all other fees.