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About Us and Contact Information

For more information about FamilyLink™, contact Tom Zawistowski at TomZ@FamilyLinkUSA.com
or (800)846-4630.

Our Parent Company

FamilyLink™ is an innovative service provided by TRZ Communications of Kent, Ohio.
TRZ is a leader in the telecommunications field, applying today's most advanced technologies to help
individuals, businesses and other organizations share information, entertainment content, and ideas.

TRZ services include:
  • TEAMLINE: Live phone broadcasting of professional and college athletics
  • Live business meeting coverage for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
  • Live religious programming
  • All-way and listen-only conferencing
  • Web audio streaming
  • Continuing education/distance learning
For more information about TRZ Communications, visit www.trz.cc.